Friday, October 10, 2008

Sarah Palin called the Iraq war "a task from God."

Sarah Palin was announced as the running mate chosen by Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain on August 29, 2008, and she was formally nominated at the 2008 Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Palin is the first woman to run on the Republican Party's presidential ticket and the first Alaskan nominee of either major party.

However, over the last few weeks Sarah Palin has listed credentials as a "reformer" and a marverick, but the so-called "Hockey mom" is nothing more than a spin doctor.

She has sided with Big Oil, lobbied to increase pork spending and abused her public power to carry out personal vendettas. Truth or dare - Palin's Lies!

Sarah Palin or Earmark Reform

Palin said, "I championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending by Congress. In fact, I told Congress ... 'Thanks, but no thanks,' on that bridge to nowhere."

Pork-barrel spending is a favorite issue of McCain, and the so-called bridge to nowhere is one of his favorite examples.

It's accurate that Palin was the governor who formally killed the infamous proposal to build a $400-million bridge between a tiny town and its tiny airport on a tiny island.

But her administration in February sent Stevens a 70-page memo asking for $200 million in earmarks. And, as mayor of Wasilla, she hired a lobbying firm and got $27 million in earmarks for a town of 6,500 residents.

But the truth is that by the time Palin took action, the project had been exposed as a glaring example of waste, had been nixed from federal spending plans and was unpopular even among Alaskans. Plus, the federal money for the bridge didn't go back to the federal government, it went to Alaska to spend on other projects.

On the War in Iraq
Sarah Palin called the Iraq war "a task from God."

Palin told congregants at her evangelical church in Wasilla in June that the Iraq war is "a task that is from God" and part of "God's plan." She also urged congregants to pray for a $30 billion natural gas pipeline project she wants to build.

Sarah Palin believes in the Bible Literally
She wants creationism taught in public schools. She's in favor of teaching both creationism and evolution in the public schools. "Teach both," she said in a 2006 gubernatorial debate. "Don't be afraid of information."

Palin Cheered On the Alaskan Independence Party.

Six months ago, Palin "told members of the Alaskan Independence Party" -- who advocate for a vote on secession from the union -- to "keep up the good work" and "wished the party luck on what she called its 'inspiring convention.'"

Palin and her husband attended the party's convention in 2000, and "for all but two months from 1995 to 2002, the governor's husband was registered as an Alaskan Independence Party member."

George Clark, the vice chair of the party, claims that Palin was a member of the party "before she got the job as a mayor of a small town." The McCain campaign denies the charge.

More Sarah Palin Lies


She took the luxury jet that was acquired by her predecessor and sold it on eBay. And made a profit!" — John McCain, at a campaign stop in Wisconsin

No one bought the jet online. It was eventually sold through an aircraft broker — at a loss to taxpayers of nearly $600,000.

Government Waste

"I found ... someone who stopped government from wasting taxpayers' money." — John McCain, introducing Palin

Signature accomplishment as mayor: building a $15 million hockey arena that plunged the city into debt. Broke ground on the project without finalizing the city's purchase of the land; the resulting fiasco cost Wasilla $1.3 million — roughly $200 per resident.

I have protected the taxpayers by vetoing wasteful spending." — Sarah Palin, convention speech

As governor, sought travel reimbursement for 312 nights she spent in her own home.

Alaska's Gas Pipline

We began a nearly $40 billion natural-gas pipeline to help lead America to energy independence." — Sarah Palin, convention speech

With federal approval years away, not a single section of the pipeline has been laid. State could end up paying the pipeline's contractor $500 million — even if it never breaks ground on the project.

Wasilla is Alaska's Illegal Drug Capital

She's from a small town with small-town values." — Fred Thompson, convention speech

Wasilla and the surrounding valley recently named the meth capital of Alaska, with 42 meth labs busted in a single year.

National Security Credentials

She's been to Kuwait. She's been over there. She has been with her troops. The National Guard that she commands, who have been over there and had the experience." — John McCain, highlighting Palin's national-security credentials

Never had a passport before 2007, when she made a brief photo-op trip to visit troops in Germany and Kuwait. Has never been to Iraq, and has not met a single foreign head of state.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sarah Palin Banking On McCains Age and Health

Palin is a fanatically partisan Republican, but the "small-town" vice-president she names as her hero is a Democrat, Harry S. Truman, whose supreme virtue in her eyes is that he succeeded a president who died in office.

She is so scatter-brained she claimed that because "you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska," she had plenty of foreign policy experience, but there’s nothing fuzzy about her focus on McCain’s health.

At 72, he is the oldest candidate ever to seek a first term as president, and has undergone operations for a highly invasive form of skin cancer.

A self appointed pit bull and part-time slut, Sarah Palin, the white trash vote getter may be willing to suck and fuck her way into the presidency. . .

She wants to be president, she thinks she can be president, she thinks she will be president. And perhaps soon. She often sounds like someone who sees herself as half-a-heartbeat away from the presidency."

Palin with one underage and pregnant daughter is opposed sex education or contraceptives in favor of ‘abstinence’ only and one wonders what this "hockey mom" is willing to do to become president of the United States.